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I have an extra Pottermore account I want to give away.


     I made it as a backup in case something happened with mine. It was made on the second day and has gotten two emails confirming that it will be chosen as one of the early admission accounts. However, I want to make sure it goes to someone that really, really deserves it.

    I’m going to put together a quiz of questions (maybe 15-20 questions?) that will help me determine how much you really know Harry Potter and how well you’ll use this account. After we talk, I’ll go in and switch out the emails to yours and you can have it from there. The account name is Frog_Patronus94.

     Please reblog this as much as you’d like to get to word out to those who may want an early account, but couldn’t get one that week (I personally, was camping for days 4-7, so the fact that I got these two was huge).

     You do not have to be following me. I’m not doing this to gain followers. I really want to make someone happy by giving them this account. However, you might want to track the tag glitterandpottermore, as that will be the tag I use to get info out.

     Once I make up the quiz and figure out how exactly I’m going to do this, I’ll let you guys know. Thank you so much and good luck!


The mermaids at Hogwarts told me about this. They asked if I’d spread the word, so here you go! (:    -A.

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